ADB Truck Assist’s experienced specialists (who are accessible and available for you 24/7) are trained to help you as effectively as possible. We start work as soon as you telephone us. We give you direct advice and call in our extensive network to help you in your time of need. As soon as you have a breakdown or encounter another problem, simply call and leave the worrying to us.

Nos solutions de mobilité

We can essentially cope with any problem, since we have everything at our disposal to help you:

  • A mobile workshop to carry out the necessary repairs or alterations at the scene.
  • Material and vehicles for efficient towing and recovery assignments.
  • Advice and support with regard to insurance policies and liability, or load damage and recovery.
  • An international network of recovery and other specialists.
  • Even after the repairs, repatriation, or recovery, we continue to follow up your file and fleet traffic.


ADB Truck Assist provides even more. Even after the repairs, repatriation, or storage, we continue to follow up your file and fleet traffic. For example, if you wish, we can arrange the financial settlement with the insurers in question. Or we can regularly screen any truck, bus, vehicle, tractor or other vehicle that we have repaired. Maintenance assignments are also no problem. Moreover, via our network, we can easily sell your damaged vehicle, which always has a salvage value, to specialist firms in Belgium or abroad. 

All-in solution

Thanks to our experience, we can quickly see the whole picture to provide clients with an all-in solution. Are you a driver who is stranded abroad? We will seamlessly arrange a local taxi and/or hotel or book plane tickets to repatriate you quickly.
Does the load need to be transferred to a replacement vehicle and brought to its destination? We will make the necessary arrangements at once.

In short, we arrange everything, not just the transport and the load, but also all related matters. Moreover, since you have a direct contact person at ADB Truck Service who can assess your situation precisely, you get the very best (international) breakdown service.