Any company like ADB Truck Assist, which provides clients in the Benelux with a full breakdown service, requires an extensive and reliable network.

International network

At present, our partners include:

  • 40 breakdown services
  • 200 truck and trailer workshops
  • Tyre centres and repair services
  • Service engineers
  • Other experts in heavy transport (whatever the speciality, e.g. tailboards, cold storage vehicles, bodywork, etc.)
  • Various international truck assistances.


Our own staff closely monitors the interventions of these specialists to ensure that clients are never charged any superfluous costs. We also constantly check, evaluate and certify the performances of our network partners. This means we can make changes where necessary, so that you continue to enjoy top quality service, both in the Benelux and in the rest of Europe. 


Obviously, we select only those partners who have the same commitment and the same desire for efficiency and perfection. This is because ADB Truck Assist wants to leave nothing to chance. Breakdowns almost always occur unexpectedly and often cause logistical worries. This means we must have every confidence in our network to repair the breakdown in question as quickly and logically as possible.

In short, does your lorry or bus need to be repaired? Do you want to store your load or get it to its destination? Do you want us to provide a breakdown service? We have the right specialist in our network for any assignment.