International Repatriation

A truck breakdown can have frustrating consequences and drag on for too long, especially when you are abroad. For Specialist ADB Truck Assist, it is a matter of honour to repatriate your truck quickly from the site of the accident or breakdown, that is, to transport it to the parent company. This applies in both directions. We bring your truck both from abroad to Belgium or from Belgium to the company abroad. Our service is literally without borders.

Low loader

A breakdown or damage? We have a mobile workplace that we can deploy straight away. The vehicle can’t be repaired immediately? We use one of our replacement vehicles  so your semi-trailer still gets to its destination, with or without load.

Is your transport vehicle irreparable or very seriously damaged? Besides quickly transferring the load, our low loader with moving gantries and auxiliary parts can also be used to take seriously damagedmaterial to the workplace or processing company of your choice. 

Quality charter

International repatriations and repairs have a reputation for being very expensive. That is why ADB Truck Assist has drawn up a quality charter, in which we state that we aim to provide top quality at the right price. All partners in our network have agreed to sign this charter and observe the pricing and service agreements contained therein.